Online donations and Raffle Tickets are now an option!

Now you can use your credit or debit card or checking account to make your offerings, donate to the Shappelle Center Fund, or purchase parish raffle tickets and get those points, rebates, or frequent flyer miles!

Use this link to make your Collection Offerings. You have the option of a one time donation, or set it for recurring monthly.

Use this link to donate to the Shappelle Center Fund

Use these links for the monthly Parish Raffle. We will have drawings every every month for $100 and other great prizes such as restaurant gift cards and other items, and sports tickets when they resume. Winning tickets go back in the drum for even MORE chances to win! (After you order, use our 'CONTACT US' link below to let us know what name(s) you want on your tickets if different)

tickets at $20 each

6 tickets for $100

13 tickets for $200