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Liturgy & Faith Formation

Good music, great homilies, and a prayerful, engaged community make liturgies at St. Bernard's a great way to praise and connect with God.

Liturgy & Faith Formation


Children's Liturgy of the Word is open to all children ages 4-12 and is held once a month during Sunday mass.  Adults accompany children to the rectory and enjoy learning about a sacrament, tradition, or Bible story through a participatory session.
HERE for Sunday lesson fun!

Children's Liturgy of the Word

Children's Liturgy of the Word

Rite of Christian initiation for adults

Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults is the program/process for those interested in joining the Catholic  church.  This usually begins in September and ends during the Easter Season.  Dates and times for sessions are decided by the participants at the first meeting.  Adult parishioners who are interested in sharing our faith are encouraged to be involved.

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Bereavement Committee



St. Bernard's Bereavement Committee is open to adult parishioners who feel comfortable in dealing with all aspects of a parish funeral.  Members meet with the family of the deceased to plan the Mass or service and organize the lunheon when desired.  They also plan the annual Remembrance Service for the families of those  buried from St. Bernard during that time.  ​

Parish Retreat

Parish Retreat

A new team is formed each year and meets about three times, plus phone calls and gathering materials for the day. Besides being a service to your fellow parishioners, we find that it is a means of spiritual growth for yourself!


Hispanic Ministry


St. Bernard has always been known as a welcoming community.  We have been blessed to enjoy a diversity of members and are especially thankful for the Hispanic families who have joined  our community.  We include them in our liturgy with bi-lingual songs, inclusion of  traditional celebrations like the Posada and Our Lady of Guadalupe.  The families are involved in all aspects of our liturgy as musicians, lectors, extraordinary ministers and servers.  We look forward to welcoming more of these families.

Hispanic Community
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