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Children's Corner

Take a look at the lessons below to discover what Jesus is trying to teach us about Himself, ourselves, and our world.


What kids say about Lent and Easter!

Apr 4
Easter Sunday

He is risen!!!

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Apr 2
Good Friday

Jesus died on the Cross

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Mar 14
4th Sunday in Lent

Are you in the light,

or in the dark?


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Mar 7
#rd Sunday in Lent

The 10 Commandments, and Jesus kicks the bad guys out of the Temple!

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Feb 28
2nd Sunday in Lent

"I am well pleased with you!"   -God

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Feb 21
1st Sunday in Lent

Let's all try to imitate Jesus

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Feb 14
6th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Jesus has a heart for lepers, and it's Valentine's Day!

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Feb 7
5th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Peter's mother in law is sick, what should we do?

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Jan 31
4th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Jesus said "Come out of that man!"

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Jan 24
3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

Jesus said "Come follow me!"

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Jan 17
2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time

God's Calling...
"Yo, Eli!"

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Jan 10
The Baptism of the Lord

Jesus gets baptized.

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Jan 3
The Epiphany of the Lord

The 3 Wise Men find Jesus

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